Your Health and Wellness is My Concern

“Good health” isn’t just the absence of illness.

Rather, it is a positive and powerful experience of inspired well-being.

Living Systems & Energy Medicine treats the person as a whole, where body, mind and soul influences health and well-being, stimulating our self-healing abilities.

W. M. da Silveira Barbosa (Yatra)

Naturopath / Homeopath

Living Systems & Energy Medicine

Bio-Regulatory Medicine


EFT and Matrix Re-Imprinting

I follow the five principles of healing, to approach the client within their entire system.

The Five Nature-Oriented Principles for Healing


We are made of energy which can be recognised by individual frequencies.
Every cell in our body, every organ, every emotion and thoughts as well as pernicious factors have its own frequency.

When the energy is blocked somewhere in the body because of pernicious factors, it creates an imbalance in the whole system.
The energy must be flowing for healing to take place.

Impulse Transmission

The body has its own network, which transmits messages to all parts of the body through the nervous system, hormones, etc..

When this communication is blocked, the functions of the body stops working properly and can lead to diseases.

It is necessary to maintain this communication flowing in order to have optimal health.


In the world of today, we are exposed to all kinds of toxins, which contaminates our system, creating blockages in the communication network of the body.

Drainage is very important to keep the functions of the body working at its best.


The right food is necessary to supply the nutrients the body needs to function properly.

If the body does not get the nutrition it needs, it can lead to disease.

A Balanced diet is necessary to fulfil all the needs of the body.

The Psyche

Our emotions and patterns are directly connected to our physical and energetic bodies, and they influence each other.

It is important to become aware of this influence, so the restrictive patterns can be broken, and the healing process can take place.


The treatment I give is personal and follows the five nature-oriented principles of healing as everyone is unique, and need a personal/individual treatment plan.


To find the imbalances, deficiencies and pernicious factors which are impairing the clients health, I do a complete check up of the entire system with Bioresonance test which can also be done remotely if you live in another country or state or city.

According to the results, I will plan a personal treatment that includes the use of FCT, homeopathy, drainage, supplements, EFT, Matrix Re-Imprinting, nutrition, etc.